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The Dry Ridge system is far superior to the old 'wet' verge system.

It is more efficient and durable and requires little maintenance, unlike

the 'wet' verge system.

Installation is quicker, once the old verge tiles and mortar is removed.



The old ridge tiles are removed and the       

mortar is cleaned off.  


 Waterproof unions are fitted to disperse any

 rain water that gets through, back to the roof.


Ridge closure combs close the gap and                       

prevent birds and rodents getting in.

        The Finished Product.

 The dry ridge system is installed.

 The ridges are installed and screws are

 attached to the joints in between the ridges, 

 which fix them to the roof.


Maintenance is reduced to little more than periodic inspection, with all the traditional problems of mortar bedded fittings being avoided. The end result is longer lasting, secure, durable roofs, and a guarantee of consistent standards of workmanship.


All our systems have been designed to combine performance, aesthetics and ease of use to create dry fix systems that herald a real step forward from traditional mortar bedding. They can be used in all weathers and avoid the need for lifting of wet mortar to the roof. All materials come in kit form for ease of ordering.


Dry Ridge Services

The Profile Ridge system incorporates ventilation strips to support the ridges and provide high level ventilation. Ridge unions provide an efficient seal between each ridge and give the appearance of a 10mm mortar joint.
To complete the system and to enhance aesthetics, profile fillers are supplied for profiled tile types. The fillers click into the ventilation strips and both are marked to ensure correct orientation.
Available in 3 options for use with:
  • Concrete and Duracoat half round ridges 457
  • Concrete and Duracoat legged angle ridges 457
  • Clay half round ridges 305